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"I am better than I was.
I will be better than I am."

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It has to be something we create and purchase for.  Art by women, design by women, architecture by women, books by women, comics by women, magazines by women, and writing and art that does not support bad old stereotypes.  And not just women of your own color.  Trans women, LBQ women, WoallCs.  Experiment.  Venture.  Try.

Don’t trash talk other women; talk them up.  Support women who have been victimized.  Don’t be part of the problem.  Disagree, yes, but with respect.  If other women behave badly, walk away.


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  • mom: can you do this chore for me?
  • me: *doesn't do it within 0.2 seconds*
  • mom: *does it for you*
  • mom: why can't you ever be responsible

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got a masters degree in being ignored

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Anonymous asked: Thank you for responding to my interview ask. But, I have hygiene down pat and been had Polo's on deck. My hurdle is I'm a black former athlete and in the IT field. I smile, crack jokes to break the tension and can speak to the subject matter with confidence. When I walk in the door they are intimidated from the start.

I can’t imagine being in that situation. I wish you luck and I hope you continue to be yourself and it will work out. I am not in the IT field so I cannot speak much on the politics of that work environment, keep being kind and confident. I know plenty of people who’d hire someone like you in residential home building!


Titties are heavy bruh

Who the fuck are you telling

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Men who are embarrassed to like curvy, thick or fat women are the lamest ain’t shit men. Own your preferences and stop being ashamed, its really dehumanizing for bigger girls to be turned into your closet fetish. Grow up.


Hey you go on and shut the hell up

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I am currently in position of 8 of the 9 puppies I am adopting out. My property management has given me 24hrs to remove them from my apartment, or i willbe evicted by he end of the month. I am out of work, out of money, and out of options here. All the shelters I’ve called are full, and will…



Tribute to Steve Irwin, a guy who genuinely loved nature and animals.

This man was beyond real


This dress is EVERYTHING. I sized up as I wanted it to look a bit more baggy and “boho”. A great dress to wear for outside evening events or even to a festival! 


Chelsea boots - New Look

Circle shades - ASOS

Floral garland - Primark

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Anonymous asked: Wait, so you lile bigger men? Like, fatter men?


i rly like large men. like… tall and strong and solid. i like muscles and i also like chubbier dudes and soft tummies or stocky guys. it’s just a preference it doesn’t mean anything i just am attracted to big tall dudes generally

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